If there is something to be changed in this world then it can only happen through music
— Hendrix

If it's true that covers bands, like wine, only improve with age then Enigma is about as good as any band will ever be in the Waikato region. Formed in the early 80s this band has been through a number of name and line up changes but at the core they remain committed to playing the music that everyone knows - all those hit songs that people like to dance and sing along to.

As a band Enigma are constantly evolving both their sound and their influences. What started as a largely 50's bubblegum pop band has now grown to be the most eclectic covers band in the region mastering playlists from every decade including some of today's biggest hits.


It's that diversity that makes Enigma great for weddings, corporate functions, rugby nights, and big festivals. But it's the philosophy of the four person band that keeps them together. Ultimately they are always going to be friends who love to spend time with each other and want to play the music they love.

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